Department of Diplomacy and International Relations

The contemporary international system is characterized by constant expansion of human activities such as trade and industry, transport and telecommunication, political process, migration, and culture. States are no longer the only significant actors on the global stage. International organizations, multinational corporations, and private groups have emerged as equally significant actors whose actions shape trends on the global scene. Critical issues of international politics, diplomacy, economics, finance, security, environment and media constantly arise on the global scene. Issues, events and policies at global levels affect both national levels as well as individuals. This contemporary world order continues to generate opportunities but also new complex challenges that go beyond national boundaries. International Relations programme at Kenyatta University is a rigorous, dynamic and multifaceted discipline that engages learners on issues that that characterize the contemporary world order. The programme is founded on theory and practice, aimed at producing sophisticated and analytical minds capable of rigorous scientific research on issues that are constantly emerging on the global scene. Graduates are also equipped with practical competencies for policy responses to the global issues.
The department aims to be a global centre for cutting-edge teaching and research in diplomacy and international affairs.   
The mission of the department is to train highly skilled experts with competencies for careers in academia, research, policy and foreign and diplomatic affairs.


A Word from the Chairman
Dr. Joseph Wasonga
Chairman , Department of Diplomacy and International Relations
The contemporary global arena is characterized by an increasing dynamism and interconnectedness of human activities in the areas of trade, commerce, and industry, politics, migration, sports and culture, technology. The global stage is composed of a myriad of actors with divergent and convergent interests. There are processes towards political and economic integration, interdependence, global governance. But there also issues of competition for global markets, geopolitical interests, natural as well as human resources. Other issues relate to exploitation and management of global commons, global poverty and inequalities. The discipline of Diplomacy and International Relations provides an opportunity for exploring these issues for the purpose of understanding the world and policy responses.
Diplomacy and International Relations at Kenyatta University does this through deep commitment to developing a strong base of knowledge in teaching, research and practical experiences in the tradition of pursuit of excellence of the University. The department seeks to produce experts with a cutting edge in the area of Diplomacy and international relations as well as strong body of knowledge competitive on the global stage. Our programmes are unique as they are founded on theory and practical orientations. Thus we have courses covering international relations, political and diplomatic theories and diplomacy, comparative politics, foreign policy, history of the world, international political economy and current issues in international relations.   
The faculty is composed rigorous teaching staff with firm commitment to student’s individual needs creating an environment favorable for the teaching, research and exchange of ideas. The department emphasizes academic excellence and career development aiming at high professional competence and production knowledge through independent research. Our graduates pursue careers in academic and research institutions, corporate organization, international organizations, diplomatic missions, non-governmental organizations and media. We work in collaboration with other academic institutions, international research institutions, foreign missions and international Organizations.


  • Dr. Joseph Wasonga


a). BA in International Relations and Diplomacy (proposed)
The BA in International Relations is a comprehensive and rigorous programme aimed at understanding the nature and the working of the global system.  The programme is founded on political and international relations theories, theory and practice of diplomacy, international law, world history, international political economy, Foreign Policy, Security Studies, gender issues, global media, and global environmental resources. It focuses on continental regions that are significance to Africa: North America, the Arab World, Far East, Europe and Africa.  
Objectives of the Programme

  1. Impart skills that can enable graduates to effectively participate in international and diplomatic issues.
  2. Equip students with problem solving skills in response to emerging issue in the global arena.
  3. Enable students acquire capabilities to carry out research and engage in cross disciplinary discourse.
  4. Equip students with knowledge and skills in international relations and diplomacy.

Entry Regulations

  1. The general regulations for all undergraduate degrees in the University shall apply.
  2. The following qualification shall be eligible for admission into the BA in International Relations and Diplomacy in the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences:
  • KCSE mean grade of C+ (plus) with at least C plain in History and English;
  • Advanced Level Certificate with Two principal passes
  • A Diploma with a credit pass in a relevant  field from a recognized institution with a KCSE mean grade of C (Plain) and C (plain) in history and English.

b). Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations
The Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations is a unique programme that blends theory and practice in the areas international relations theory, diplomacy, International Political economy, Foreign policy analysis and formulation, global conflicts and gender issues in international Relations. The programme rigorously prepares those seeking to enter into academic and research careers as well as those interested advancing their professional competencies as diplomats, foreign policy experts, international governmental organizations, and international civil society and interest groups. Thus the programme aims at producing postgraduates grounded in theories and debates on international affairs; knowledge about international policy issues, global processes and actors. Our graduates are capable of critical analysis of contemporary international policy issues and with practical skills for policy formulation, analysis and advocacy, diplomatic negotiation, mediation, and diplomatic communication.
   Admission Requirements
c). PhD in International Relations and Diplomacy
The Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations and Diplomacy is a theoretically and methodologically grounded programme. The programme aims at developing graduates with competence for cutting-edge research and scholarship in international affairs.  The graduates also have the ability to advise on policy issues on the international scene. Thus PhD graduates of International Relations and Diplomacy from Kenyatta University contribute to both theory and practice in the areas of international relations theory, International Political economy, Foreign policy analysis and formulation, Global conflict, international relations and gender issues in international Relations.  The Programme is by thesis which should be a product of scientific rigor and of publishable quality.
Career Options
International Relations graduates are equipped with competencies to work in a wide range fields:

  • Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic missions
  • International Orgainsations
  • Regional Organisation
  • Non-government Organisations
  • Banking and Finance
  • Public Administration  
  • Policy Institutions
  • Security and Intelligence
  • Research and Consultancy  
  • Academia
  • Media and Journalism   
  • International Business and Trade
  • Conflict Mediation and Negotiation
  • Defence
  • Human Rights Originations



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Staff at the School

Dr. Lucy W. Maina : Ag. Dean, School of Security, Diplomacy and Peace Studies  

Dr.Jackson Musau:School Examinations Coordinator

Dr.Kibaba Tadayo Makokha :School Digital Coordinator

Ms.Florence Gaturuku :Administrative Assistant

Mr. Richard A. Chweya :Administrative Assistant

Ms. Harriet Waruguru :Secretary/Copy Typist


Dr. Joseph Wasonga
Chairman , Department of Diplomacy and International Relations